• 11.03.21 Yes we did it!
    But we have to say that, given the current context, it looked like unreal to perform in a nursing home... Well, we dit it today, with shared joy and delight. Hope that such situations quickly get back to "normal"!

  • 07.03.21 Even forced a break can be useful,
    we are in Villeneuve with Isabelle Avid, who drive the project "Exil(s)" in Lot et Garonne, Cécilia who assists her, Arnaud who films: to explain how we got to make this project. The video soon!

  • 22.02.21 The publishing project
    with the letters of "Exile(s)" is on the way. First identify the location where we will take photos of the /diary of an earth–dweller/, then prepare template, ... it will be ready for the final of "Exile(s)".

  • 09.02.21 "Brundibar" is keeping going!
    We are working on with Jocelyn Dorangeon. Some news soon!

  • 21.01.21 A short extract of basketry work,
    with Monique: here! You will find all these works in the final performance (long-awaited).

  • 15.01.21 While awaiting
    to work together, and for lack of anything better, we chat online, you too? In any case it's good to feel the strenght and the quality of bonds with and between the participants of "Exil(s)". Thanks!

  • 05.01.21 Fine new year to you!

  • 2020

  • 22.12.20 A few essential seeds
    awaiting resumption... Some news of "Exile(s)" here!

  • 15.12.20 "German is nice!"
    And then it is a full classroom learning a song in a foreign langage, just by ear, without any anxiety... Adults, take a lesson from it...

  • 02.12.20 "Les contes finés",
    follow–up: printing in progress after validation by the children proofreaders. And a first printing in progress too of the letters of "Exile(s)". More informations soon!

  • 20.11.20 A singing workshop while confined,
    it's good! And with curious and attentive children, all the better. We are working a song of "Exile(s)" which will be common for all participants. Surprise...

  • 16.11.20 "Les contes finés",
    it's the lovely name of the collection written by Saint Geniés' pupils. It takes shape, deliveries planned for Christmas for the children— and for march pfor the olders!

  • 02.11.20 New containment, new lag again,
    but all hands on deck! "Exile(s)" and the SSE Day are rescheduled for spring, more news are coming.

  • 21.10.20 The links continue gain ground
    between Dordogne et Lot et Garonne works on the project "Exile(s)".Soon a sound restitution by Fabien Sigwalt!

  • 15.10.20 Thanks to the maison d'Auriolles, in Bias,
    for welcoming the meeting of the three groups "Exile(s)" Lot et Garonne. In video soon!

  • 01.10.20 This time, it is official:
    the final performance of "Exile(s)" and the SSE Day in Périgord Noir will take place in Proissans on november, 28th. Save the date!

  • 23.09.20 A great success
    for the first édition of The Festival of ordinary follies, next time next year!

  • 22.09.20 The SSE Day in Périgord Noir,
    linked with the Cooperation Focal Point, is on the way. Thanks to the Pays Périgord Noir to support and organize it.

  • 12.09.20 The different parts of "Exile(s)"
    are beginning to fit together, the common workshops with the participants of Lot et Garonne are fixed... We are on the home stretch!

  • 04.09.20 The Festival of ordinary follies
    is preparing. Some informations soon, but already save the date: on September the 23rd, at the Résidence Habitat Jeunes in Sarlat. Coming up next...

  • 01.09.20 Soon a new person in our team?
    Visual arts, poetic body, butoh... Some news forthwith!

  • 21.08.20 And while the collection
    of the confinement words continue at the nursing home, the drums-poems for "Exile(s)" are taking shape... Constraint is creative and so the confinement experience too!

  • 17.08.20 We have no option but to cancel
    the performance of this evening... See you very soon for news projects !!

  • 15.08.20 Thanks to Didier Rivet
    for this article presenting "Katarekuna" and the continuation of the project Exile(s). More informations upcoming of course.

  • 10.08.20 Day-7 !
    We'll meet on next monday at 9.30pm in the Jardin des Enfeus of Sarlat, for the performance "Katarekuna". See you soon!

  • 01.08.20 A very first audio montage
    with words about confinement experience is ready, for rework with video montages of "Exile(s)"... Absent people will be with us at the final performance, however the health outcomes evolve.

  • 24.07.20 Ambre Ludwiczak joins our team
    realizing the video of the project "Exile(s)". Welcome!

  • 15.07.20 As promised, we invite you to join us
    on August, 17th at 9.30pm, for L'Eté des Enfeus in Sarlat! We will take you to discover songs from Europe and the M&editerranean for young and old with the performance "Katarekuna".

  • 07.07.20 See you on August, the 17th ?!
    More informations coming up soon, but the municipality yet announce that "street artists de rue and performances will animate Sarlat's evenings throughout the summer, in spite of the coronavirus"...

  • 06.07.20 The collection of the confinement words begins today
    and will follow until end of ummer. Day center, GEM, nursing home, ... all people couln't be physically with us for the final of Exile(s), but their words will be there.

  • 02.07.20 "Sororities" on the way!
    With Marion Tur, we are providing you a whole day with them, from sunrise to sunset and throught pyres, their own daily life and issues, and their whole contemporaneity...

  • 30.06.20 To resist is to create!
    It could be a title for an upcoming performance with Jocelyn Dorangeon, gathering resistance songs... We track this through and we keep informing you.

  • 29.06.20 The scheduled performances for this summer have been cancelled,
    but it seems to be a new opportunity in Sarlat, coming up next!

  • 20.06.20 Three is a magic number,
    first reunion of "Exile(s)" this day! We planned to work on stage, but it was so humanly necessary to reconnect and sharebefore to start again, that we mainly talked together... et complted the framework with all our thoughts!

  • 19.06.20 This day first meeting of the artistic contributors
    for the next collective creation "Brundibar or the So Big Bad Noise": writing, slam, singing, dancing, percussions, visual arts, puppets, for children, teenagers and former children of the World War II... Coming up next!

  • 16.06.20 This day first meeting of the co-operants
    of the upcoming Cooperation Focal Point in Périgord Noir. At the table: associative, popular education, culture, social, social solidarity economy, sustainable development, solidarities, local economy, social innovation. The beginning of a great adventure!

  • 26.05.20 Confinement wasn't funny at the nursing home...
    it caused much anger, misunderstanding, and sadness too from the residents, mostly are in a bad way, and clearly the health issues are insufficient to meet their distress. Looking forward to get back here and listen to their stories!

  • 18.05.20 And if we look together
    at the video of the workshop that took place at the Théâtre des Treize Vents of Villeneuve sur Lot? Looking forward to seeing you all again!

  • 15.05.20 "Exile(s)": will rebound soon!
    And since the confinement is a forme of exile that we all shared, it will necessarily foster the project.

  • 06.05.20 Well, for real, workshops and repetitions are missing us...
    So after working on Manuel de Falla and Federico Garcia Lorca songs, we are approaching "The Nursery" of Moussorsgky. For some upcoming small–forms?

  • 31.03.20 "Brundibar or the So Bad Big Noise" is taking shape!
    Collective and multidisciplinary creation, mixed audiences, ... but more for children this time. We hope we could start in september.

  • 16.03.20 All is suspended
    but nothing stops... we are already preparing what to do next, see you soon!

  • 14.03.20 First meeting
    for the workshops "Exile(s)" Dordogne and "Exile(s)" Lot et Garonne at the Théâtre des Treize Vents of Villeneuve sur Lot, de belles matières! Thanks to Arnaud for the video and to Fabien for the sound recording.

  • 22.02.20 The next creation stage of "Exile(s)":
    will be on May, 23rd, at the Acacias neighbourhood of Sarlat. And while we progress on the creation of the performance, storytellers and children of St Geniès school are working enthusiastically on the eding scene... More informations soon!

  • 11.02.20 Beautiful times of sharing at the nursing home of Bergerac,
    and as long as songs tell stories, no matter in which language or about which period it is... Next meeting in two years!

  • 25.01.20 Very first creation stage of "Exile(s)"!
    Between performance and exhibition, the work is given form. Thanks to the participants for this courageous step forward, and thanks too to the Tiers-Lieu to organize it!

  • 22.01.20 St Geniès pupils are working hard...
    They watched the film "Lion" to explore issues of loss and exiles. Powerful, coming up next!

  • 21.01.20 Two cinema students
    join à Fanny to film and to document the creative process of "Exile(s)"... Thanks Pauline and Romane!

  • 17.01.20 New artistic materials for new performances!
    Catherine delegate to us her strip–journal for "Brundibar", and a part of the "Voyage en Chine", relative to Victor Segalen works, for... a new projet to create!

  • 13.01.20 When workshops are crossbreeding...
    ... ou rather join together, and the weaver, who is too lecturing guide specialized in prehistory, makes prehistorical percussions for the Fondation de Selves percussionists... Some echoes soon!

  • 06.01.20 Fine new year to you!

  • 2019

  • 02.12.19 Too complicated to find common dates
    for the workshops "Exile(s)" in December, check out our Facebook group Facebook and mails for the workshops postponed in January, and for some singing and theater vacation classes!

  • 27.11.19 "Exile(s)" Lot et Garonne begins to unfold
    with 2 events reading and danse today, in Nérac and in Condom. For more informations please contact Le Corps Sage!

  • 22.11.19 The award of the collective composition
    was given today to "Exile(s)" by the jury Innov' Assos. Thanks!

  • 21.11.19 St Geniès school joins the collective "Exile(s)"!
    From January, with writing and sorytelling pad for CE2 pupils, visual arts for the youngers, and dance for the others. Participants are now from 3 to 98 years!

  • 16.11.19 Creative work could be disrupting...
    ... and disruption then means a good work! "Exile(s)" is well on track, and perharps a public scribe projet led two years ago will complete it.

  • 19.10.19 A beautiful collective improvisation
    concluding today workshops of "Exile(s)": countless impressions for a first impressionist picture.

  • 11.10.19 GEM of Sarlat: ready to create
    with generous arts materials drafted to build "Exile(s)". Thanks, and coming up next!

  • 04.10.19 Meeting today with Catherine and Plume in Bordeaux,
    so that Plume takes over Catherine's works for the visual arts workshops. Furthermore Catherine thinks to delegate others more works, news upcoming!

  • 25.09.19 "Songs of Journeys"
    saturday in l'Etrange Promenade. In unique formula singing and massages with Séb the physiotherapist, ready to experiment?

  • 19.09.19 A body percussions workshop
    with people from the Fondation de Selves will complete the project "Exile(s)". Circle and social mix are expanding!

  • 12.09.19 The last performances of this season,
    this week–end! "The one giving" in Saint Martin de Ré saturday, and "Shores, roots, sceneries" in Fontenay le Comte sunday. See you soon,

  • 09.09.19 "Exile(s)" Lot et Garonne is preparing!
    The coordination is being set in motion, with Isabelle, Cécilia, Fabien, and more. Coming up next...

  • 24.08.19 Plural workshops today at the Tiers–Lieu:
    singing, theater, visual arts, writing, basketry and philosophy for the collective creation "Exile(s)"... in which differences of arts, ages, de backgrounds, ... are seen as being wealthes more than problems. We are ready for September!

  • 05.08.19 Tour is over, we're already busy preparing for autumn
    the start of the collective creation "Exile(s)". Some news soon, and the detailed planning on the facebook group. And please note the next step: on August, 24th at the Tiers-Lieu of Sarlat!

  • 31.07.19 NIice workshop today with neighbourhood youth, thanks go to them!
    with Marie Kroepflen, and Isabelle Avid who will lead Agen's dance workshops on the project "Exile(s)". Coming up next...

  • 29.07.19 The last performances of this summer
    with "The one giving" in Ajat, Saint Pompon and Carsac, caution these are small places!

  • 20.07.19 A small break and then five performances to follow...
    First "Shores, roots, sceneries" in Saint Gilles tomorrow and in Brem the day after, then "The one giving" in Sion, La Roche Bernard and Larmor Plage.

  • 18.07.19 Tomorrow departure for Talmont Saint Hilaire!
    We will perform "Shores, roots, sceneries" for the Festival Les Voies de la Voie, before going to Saint Gilles and Brem.

  • 14.07.19 Two performances on Sarladais
    before leaving to Brittany... "The one giving" in Sarlat tuesday and in Valojoulx wednesday, don't forget to book your ticket!

  • 07.07.19 Tomorrow underneath the hall of Aillac,
    the only performance of "Memories of clay" for this summer, don't miss it!

  • 05.07.19 Back from Brantôme
    with a successfull Rencontre Socialement Improbable, we're preparing the very first workshop of the collective creation "Exile(s)". It will take place this monday at l'EHPAD du Plantier, next step on July, 31st with neighbourhood youth.

  • 02.07.19 At the office of Aquitaine Culture
    with Sébastien Carnac, Manon Chastagnol and Sabine Samba, to prepare the Rencontre Socialement Improbable, in Brantôme this friday. Thanks to them their confidence for this first collaboration!

  • 22.06.19 Back from Douzillac after a nice moment of sharing
    and intergenerational and intercultural workshop! Tomorrow we will perform "Katarekuna" by extracts at the Jardins de Planbuisson, and if you want to see the complete version it will be on next friday, 28th in Castelnaud.

  • 20.06.19 The day after tomorrow in Douzillac,
    the last creation stage of "Exile(s)" before starting the collective creation. We will perform within the framework of the Fête des cultures voisines organized by Isleco, hoping to meet you there!

  • 14.06.19 Just a reminder before going to Saint Pardoux,
    on next friday it will be "Songs and Stories of Journeys", cour des Fontaines in Sarlat! Roma people, sefaradics, berbers, yiddish... besh o drom!

  • 06.06.19 Soon the first creation stages of "Exile(s)"
    we are going to meet the Tiers–Lieux of Dordogne... Saint Pardoux on 14th, Belvès on 15th, Florimont on 16th... See you soon!

  • 29.05.19 Two performances this week-end,
    to start season: "Shores, roots, sceneries" saturday in Montignac, and "The one giving" sunday in Terrasson. Don't forget to book your ticket...

  • 28.05.19 The project "Exile(s)"
    relayed on a nice article in l'Essor Sarladais... thanks!

  • 25.05.19 We will perform "Katarekuna" in Lectoure this tuesday, may 28th,
    at 6.00pm (Salle de la Com&ecute;die), for children but not only... See you soon!

  • 23.05.19 Four creation stages for "Exile(s)"
    in Dordogne in june: Saint Pardoux la Rivière on 14th, Belvès on 15th, Florimont–Gaumiers on 16th, and Douzillac on 22nd. A small tour of the community cafés, each time with a orkshop and a performance. More informations on the flyer.

  • 20.05.19 Season is coming,
    four performances on tour this summer besides the collective creation "Exile(s)". All informations are here!

  • 16.05.19 Some thirty people already registered for the further creation workshops "Exile(s)",
    warning only a few places are still available. If you want to join us please get in touch soon!

  • 04.05.19 Les Arts en Folie are gone for three days
    we are refining workshops and performances... Mark your calendar: on 8th and 11th, workshops at 2.00pm and performances at 3.30pm. See you soon!

  • 25.04.19 Hanging "Journal d'une terrienne"
    at the Cultural Center of Sarlat. Les Arts en Folie in preparation...

  • 20.04.19 "Katarekuna" in residency at the Théâtre des Treize Vents,
    next week! Three days of lighting design with Julien Simon, and leaving residency on april 24th at 5.00pm, for youngers and olders too. Our video director, Jonathan, will be there to film the performance, a teaser will come soon.

  • 16.04.19 "Tout conte fée" joins the project "Exile(s)",
    three storytellers will create a "tapis à conter" with children of the Saint Geniès' primary school— necessarily they have a lot to say about this subject!

  • 10.04.19 The flyer of the "Exile(s)" project is ready!
    It will be circulated across Sarladais, thanks not least to the Tiers-Lieu, France Libertés, LISODIF, the township of Sarlat, the Cultural Center, the library...

  • 03.04.19 Natalie Cosson joins the project "Exile(s)".
    She will run workshops with writing and visual arts pairing with Fanny de Rauglaudre. Thanks and welcome!

  • 23.03.19 Projects are coming near Poitiers
    around the performance "Exile(s)": at Toit du Monde, Cap Sud, Cicérone, and even in a high school. We all know something about exile, don't we?

  • 21.03.19 This thursday at the Toit du Monde in Poitiers,
    we will be participating at the event "Souvenirs de migrants européens". It will be the first public presentation of the work of "Exile(s)"!

  • 19.03.19 The Endowment Fund InPACT is ready to support us on the project "Exile(s)"!
    It will be funding the workshops for the collective creation. Rendez-vous at the festival Les Arts en Folie, in may, for further information!

  • 07.03.19 "Katarekuna" to share operatic singing and contemporary dance with school children?
    It's forthcoming thanks to the Ligue de l'enseignement de la Dordogne and to the Agence Culturelle. Coming up in next season.

  • 10.01.19 "Exile(s)" is starting!
    We have the first rehearsals these days, basing on the gathered letters and songs, and with the "Journal d'une terrienne" of Catherine Lippinois... We depart on our journey...

  • 07.01.19 Fine new year to you!

  • 2018

  • 26.11.18 From young children to older...
    I's "The one giving" we will perform in high scholl on the 21.12, in Saint Nazaire. These school performances will be preceded by two others for general audiences: on the 19th in Saint Nazaire (Chapelle des Franciscains, 8.00pm) and on the 20th in Nantes (Passage Sainte Croix, 7.00pm). See you soon!

  • 05.11.18 "Katarekuna" in Eauze
    on next friday 16.11 at 6.30pm, soft hour for the younger... Thanks to Jean-Pierre for welcoming us at the premises of the Lutscrampo. Don't forget to book your ticket!

  • 17.10.18 "Exile(s)" in progress!
    It will be with singing by Jany Pons Ballester, with storytelling by Isabelle Bouhet (Compagnie de la Trace), et with visual art by Catherine Lippinois. Cultural mediations are intented in parallel with the creation, around Sarlat, Mézin et Civray.

  • 12.10.18 Soon at l'Unisson
    le 20.10 from 7.00pm, to open season with "Songs of Shores" and with Balandrane. See you soon!

  • 19.09.18 "Memories of clay"
    in Bergerac within the framework of the Week of Fraternity, on octobre 2nd, at 9.30pm (auditorium François Mitterrand). See you then!

  • 10.09.18 A great collaboration is beginning
    with company de la Trace, particularly with the upcoming performance "Exile(s)"... Coming up next...

  • 07.09.18 After an eventful summer with 5 performances on tour,
    we undertake this new season with "Shores, roots, sceneries" on next saturday 15 september at the temple of Montcaret, to celebrate the European Heritage Days and "the art of sharing" (theme of this year). See you soon!

  • 26.06.18This week-end come and join us on a journey
    through Europe and the Mediterranean, from 4th to 20th century... poetry and landscapes assured :)
    In Thiviers on 30 June and in Sarlat on 1 July, more informations here!

  • 19.06.18 A good start for "Katarekuna" on last week-end...
    Thanks to children present!

  • 04.06.18 "Katarekuna" is coming soon!
    On 15 june in Sarlat, then 16 in Sagelat and 17 in Aillac. Don't forget to book your ticket!

  • 23.05.18 "Katarekuna" is going forward,
    in view of the upcoming performances on 15, 16 and 17 June. Meanwhile, here's a preview with the photos of Andrea Polato.

  • 18.05.18 Rencontres Culturaqui #1!
    on 26 May, from 5.00pm to 8.00pm, at the Cultural Center of Sarlat. The council of Sarlat launched this meeting with cultural players, we will be there with visual arts of Catherine Lippinois.

  • 14.05.18 The performance for 21 June
    is clarifying... It will be "Songs and stories of the cliffs", at the crossroads of poetic universes of Martin Codax, Mendinho, Alfonsina Storni, Xavier Grall, Jean-Yves Picq, ...
    A simple small-form, juste for the sake of travel, next to the fountain around which Sarlat was built, across water, down through the sea, and comme back.

  • 04.05.18 We will perform "The one giving"
    in Coutras sunday, 6 May, and in Viviers next saturday, 12 May. See you soon!

  • 02.05.18 A collaboration with the storyteller Eric Leurent
    for "Tales and Songs of Moors", at "Les Arts en Folie" festival. At the Lantern of the dead, in Sarlat, on 5 May 5.00pm, and perharps again in Périgord this autumn. Coming up next...

  • 24.04.18 We are there!
    In Périgueux with Andrea Polato, photographer magician, taking new photos of the performances "The one giving" and "Memories of clay". And on 29 April we will take the first photos of "Katarekuna".

  • 10.04.18 We start tours...
    with "Shores, roots, sceneries", this friday 13 April in Saint Martin de Ré, and this saturday 14 April in Noirmoutier. See you soon!

  • 31.01.18 Special edition!...
    of the journal of Carsac–Aillac's EHPAD, following the rendition on last sunday... here, while awaiting the documentary available soon.

  • 19.01.18 "The kind hands", hands which never tie together:
    On next sunday, 2.30pm at the EHPAD of Carsac–Aillac (f-24), participative and festive rendition of the workshops conducted with people affected by Alzheimer's disease since june 2016.
    Attention, limited places available!

  • 19.01.18 "Mur/Mur" :
    Isabelle's latest performance; she works with us on the performance "Katarekuna"... Here, have a nice discovery
  • 15.01.18 "Memories of clay" :
    The rehearsal video, produced by Jo is here!

  • 08.01.18 Fine new year to you!

  • 2017

  • 27.11.17 November is the SSE month:
    Thank to the journal "Sud-Ouest" and to Emilie Delpeyrat for the press article following the speedmeeting in Périgueux yesterday!

  • 21.11.17 On Radio Bergerac 95 tonight!
    The cultural magazine "Transméditerranée" of Clara Murner will be devoted to the company and especially to the performance "Memories of clay". It will continue to be broadcast here!

  • 15.11.17 Thanks to Famosa,
    the magazine of women in Périgord, and to Clara Murner who refers to us with her section Convivencia: here!

  • 02.11.17 News on Soundcloud:
    some recordings made especially for a radio programme, coming up next...

  • 07.09.17 Workshops with people affected by Alzheimer's disease:
    a first short video here!

  • 01.09.17 Preparing for the upcoming cultural season...
    We will first work on the reprise of the performance "Katarekuna" with Isabelle Avid; we will also make a preparatory study for "Brundibar", children's opera, to stage it on a small-scale performance with tale and singing; and of course we will plan all projects in collaboration with Label Pôlette.

  • 30.08.17 We pick up again the workshops with people affected by Alzheimer's disease!
    Our video director, Jonathan, will be present throughout this second phase to produce a video, which will bear witness of the wealth of these workshops in terms of exchanges, creativity, and humanity. Extracts available soon...