• 26.11.18 From young children to older...
    I's "Maryam, Maria, Mary" we will perform in high scholl on the 21.12, in Saint Nazaire. These school performances will be preceded by two others for general audiences: on the 19th in Saint Nazaire (Chapelle des Franciscains, 8.00pm) and on the 20th in Nantes (Passage Sainte Croix, 7.00pm). See you soon!

  • 05.11.18 "Katarekuna" in Eauze
    on next friday 16.11 at 6.30pm, soft hour for the younger... Thanks to Jean-Pierre for welcoming us at the premises of the Lutscrampo. Don't forget to book your ticket!

  • 17.10.18 "Exile(s)" in progress!
    It will be with singing by Jany Pons Ballester, with storytelling by Isabelle Bouhet (Compagnie de la Trace), et with visual art by Catherine Lippinois. Cultural mediations are intented in parallel with the creation, around Sarlat, Mézin et Civray.

  • 12.10.18 Bientôt à l'Unisson
    le 20.10 à partir de 19h00, pour ouvrir la saison avec les "chants des Rives" et en compagnie de Balandrane. A bientôt!

  • 19.09.18 "Orients, roots of the book"
    in Bergerac within the framework of the Week of Fraternity, on octobre 2nd, at 9.30pm (auditorium Fran├žois Mitterrand). See you then!

  • 10.09.18 A great collaboration is beginning
    with company de la Trace, particularly with the upcoming performance "Exil(s)"... Coming up next...

  • 07.09.18 After an eventful summer with 5 performances on tour,
    we undertake this new season with "Mediterranean Europes" on next saturday 15 september at the temple of Montcaret, to celebrate the European Heritage Days and "the art of sharing" (theme of this year). See you soon!

  • 26.06.18This week-end come and join us on a journey
    through Europe and the Mediterranean, from 4th to 20th century... poetry and landscapes assured :)
    In Thiviers on 30 June and in Sarlat on 1 July, more informations here!

  • 19.06.18 A good start for "Katarekuna" on last week-end...
    Thanks to children present!

  • 04.06.18 "Katarekuna" is coming soon!
    On 15 june in Sarlat, then 16 in Sagelat and 17 in Aillac. Don't forget to book your ticket!

  • 23.05.18 "Katarekuna" is going forward,
    in view of the upcoming performances on 15, 16 and 17 June. Meanwhile, here's a preview with the photos of Andrea Polato.

  • 18.05.18 Rencontres Culturaqui #1!
    on 26 May, from 5.00pm to 8.00pm, at the Cultural Center of Sarlat. The council of Sarlat launched this meeting with cultural players, we will be there with visual arts of Catherine Lippinois.

  • 14.05.18 The performance for 21 June
    is clarifying... It will be "Songs and stories of the cliffs", at the crossroads of poetic universes of Martin Codax, Mendinho, Alfonsina Storni, Xavier Grall, Jean-Yves Picq, ...
    A simple small-form, juste for the sake of travel, next to the fountain around which Sarlat was built, across water, down through the sea, and comme back.

  • 04.05.18 We will perform "Maryam, Maria, Mary"
    in Coutras sunday, 6 May, and in Viviers next saturday, 12 May. See you soon!

  • 02.05.18 A collaboration with the storyteller Eric Leurent
    for "Tales and Songs of Moors", at "Les Arts en Folie" festival. At the Lantern of the dead, in Sarlat, on 5 May 5.00pm, and perharps again in Périgord this autumn. Coming up next...

  • 24.04.18 We are there!
    In Périgueux with Andrea Polato, photographer magician, taking new photos of the performances "Maryam, Maria, Mary" and "Orients, roots of the book". And on 29 April we will take the first photos of "Katarekuna".

  • 10.04.18 We start tours...
    with "Mediterranean Europes", this friday 13 April in Saint Martin de Ré, and this saturday 14 April in Noirmoutier. See you soon!

  • 31.01.18 Special edition!...
    of the journal of Carsac–Aillac's EHPAD, following the rendition on last sunday...
    here, while awaiting the documentary available soon.

  • 19.01.18 "The kind hands", hands which never tie together:
    On next sunday, 2.30pm at the EHPAD of Carsac–Aillac (f-24), participative and festive rendition of the workshops conducted with people affected by Alzheimer's disease since june 2016.
    Attention, limited places available!

  • 19.01.18 "Mur/Mur" :
    Isabelle's latest performance; she works with us on the performance "Katarekuna"... Here, have a nice discovery
  • 15.01.18 "Orients, roots of the book" :
    The rehearsal video, produced by Jo is here!

  • 08.01.18 Fine new year to you!

  • 2017

  • 27.11.17 November is the SSE month:
    Thank to the journal "Sud-Ouest" and to Emilie Delpeyrat for the press article following the speedmeeting in Périgueux yesterday!

  • 21.11.17 On Radio Bergerac 95 tonight!
    The cultural magazine "Transméditerranée" of Clara Murner will be devoted to the company and especially to the performance "Orients roots of the book". It will continue to be broadcast here!

  • 15.11.17 Thanks to Famosa,
    the magazine of women in Périgord, and to Clara Murner who refers to us with her section Convivencia: here!

  • 02.11.17 News on Soundcloud:
    some recordings made especially for a radio programme, coming up next...

  • 07.09.17 Workshops with people affected by Alzheimer's disease:
    a first short video here!

  • 01.09.17 Preparing for the upcoming cultural season...
    We will first work on the reprise of the performance "Katarekuna" with Isabelle Avid; we will also make a preparatory study for "Brundibar", children's opera, to stage it on a small-scale performance with tale and singing; and of course we will plan all projects in collaboration with Label Pôlette.

  • 30.08.17 We pick up again the workshops with people affected by Alzheimer's disease!
    Our video director, Jonathan, will be present throughout this second phase to produce a video, which will bear witness of the wealth of these workshops in terms of exchanges, creativity, and humanity. Extracts available soon...