Artistic team:

Company contributors:

Resource persons joined in on the project:

  • Jacqueline Toï, choreographer and dancer
  • Tayeb Benamara, master choreographer dancer

  • Catherine Joussellin, singer and violist

  • Véronique Roger, art therapy and mediations for vulnerable audiences

  • Michèle–Françoise Mehring, milliner and musician

  • Jack Bouboushian, musician and translator

  • Behnam Keryo, Aramaic texts and chants
  • Ibrahim Issid, Byzantine chants
  • Gule-Céline Yanan, Chaldean chants
  • Michel Chafik, Coptic chants
  • Alex Blum, Hebrew chants
  • Elie Nakhoul, Maronite, Melkite and Syriac chants
  • Rania Idir, muslim chants (Arabic, Shawiya Berber and Amazigh)
  • Claude Lopez-Ginisty, Slavonic orthodox chants

  • PhiL, Help towards website work and graphic design

Project management:

  • Véronique Roger, Plume Ljal, Madeleine Royer, Catherine Lippinois, Thierry Gory, Catherine Joussellin, Michèle Françoise Mehring, Jany Pons Ballester

Keruzha works in partnership with la Compagnie de la Trace.

The Charter of Keruzha is available here.