Keruzha works in partnership with:

Musiques en Liberté coproduces the performances.
The Charter of Keruzha is available here.

Artistic team:

Company contributors:

Resource persons joined in on the project:

  • Jacqueline Toï, choreographer and dancer
  • Tayeb Benamara, master choreographer dancer

  • Catherine Joussellin, singer and violist

  • Véronique Roger, art therapy and mediations for vulnerable audiences

  • Michèle–Françoise Mehring, milliner and musician

  • Jack Bouboushian, musician and translator

  • Behnam Keryo, Aramaic texts and chants
  • Ibrahim Issid, Byzantine chants
  • Gule-CĂ©line Yanan, Chaldean chants
  • Michel Chafik, Coptic chants
  • Alex Blum, Hebrew chants
  • Elie Nakhoul, Maronite, Melkite and Syriac chants
  • Rania Idir, muslim chants (Arabic, Shawiya Berber and Amazigh)
  • Claude Lopez-Ginisty, Slavonic orthodox chants

  • PhiL, Help towards website work and graphic design