The repertoire includes several types of performances:

For productions for vulnerable audiences, the sung repertoire is adaptable on demand.
You can download the repertoire book here (updated 30.12.18), and a presentation flyer here.


  • Mediterranean Europes:
    a journey through history of sacred singing, from the fourth century to the twentieth; song excerpts
    With the visual artist Catherine Lippinois

  • Exile(s):
    upcoming performance— from hearth from earth and from the living, dizzinesses and vitality, three letters and three chants
    With the visual artist Catherine Lippinois
    and in collaboration with the company of la Trace

  • Because the rose is without why:
    upcoming performance— a journey through central Europe, a call for encounter and difference
    With the visual artists Catherine Lippinois and Fanny de Rauglaudre.
    With the support of the township of Sarlat


  • Mediterranean Europes, short version:
    an extract from the full performance, through history of sacred singing, from the fourth century to the twentieth

  • Maryam, Maria, Mary:
    exploration of the feminine archetype through songs from the East and the West
    With the visual artist Catherine Lippinois

  • Orients, roots of the Book:
    an experience of the Epic of Gilgamesh, which lies at the root of the three monotheistic traditions
    With the visual artist Plume Gory
    With the support of Théâtre du Fon du Loup
    teaser of rehearsals here, production Jonathan Leclerc

  • Katarekuna (from the cradle):
    lullabies from Europe and the Mediterranean, to welcome the young and raise up the old
    With the visual artist Catherine Lippinois

    and online medias for cultural mediation.

  • Beguines, women in response:
    a short eulogy to resilience, or the ways in which constraint can be a path to liberation and surrender
    With the visual artist Catherine Lippinois
  • With the support of Narthex

small forms

  • Brundibar or The So Big Bad Noise:
    upcoming performance— a told, sound and sung version of the children's opera of Hans Krása, in collaboration with the puppeteer Jana Bojilova

Other underway projects:

  • Spain(s) of Al-Andalus and sephardics chants.
  • Earth-heaven: traditional gaelic songs and Carmina Gadelica.
  • Catalunya popular i medieval: the profane and the sacred in traditional catalan culture.
  • Moussorgsky and the Mighty 5: the Russian revival at a time of social change.

Productions for vulnerable audiences.

A programme can be adapted from the above performances, or composed from the repertoire available on request (songs from 2nd century to 20th century, in Amazigh, Arabe, Aramaic, liturgical Aramaic, Catalan, Chaldean, Coptic, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Gaelic, Galician-Portuguese, German, Greek, Koine Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Judaeo-Spanish, Latin, Malagasy, Maori, Norvegian, Polish, Portuguese, Provençal French, Romanian, Rromani, Russian, Samaritan, Shawiya Berber, Slavonic, Spanish, Sureth, Syriac, Yiddish).