“Far more than a simple recital of songs that have been compiled together in an evening repertoire, the two artists that we are welcoming are going to take us on a journey through the centuries and through the heart of civilizations that have lived in, and been marked by, Christianity.
It is a personal invitation on a pilgrimage of discovery, plunging us into the cultures of people who lived out their faith in their daily lives.
But above all, it is a poetic inspiration nearing the sublime, in which the roots of humanity reveal to us the universality of all the manifestations of the human spirit as it reaches towards God, through a timeless creation that combines a capella singing— the breath of words— and dance— the movement that then becomes the voice.
Now, as we set out on this journey, let us leave our daily lives behind and simply allow our imaginations to be guided into this extraordinary artistic universe so that we can appreciate its full beauty, whatever our approach to religion.”

Claude-Auguste Leroy, in charge of performances for Erquy-Fréhel