"Breathe" is a short film projected on a screen in strips that the viewer must pass before to reach the performance "Because the rose is without why." This airlock device prepares the viewer to leave all their preoccupations behind them, by emphasizing heavy, fast breathing leading to increasing calm. The images reflect the chasing away of the mental images that block the bodily sensations.

In this sealed corridor, the screen has been created by Catherine Lippinois, "Living body, suffering body, bandaged injuries, hope of appeasement, stitches on a cloth bandage."

Multidisciplinary artist, Fanny de Rauglaudre explores all the mediums that she encounters in order to increasingly refine her poetic universe in which words and spirituality, mutual contemplation and a search for the Self seek each other to convey as best as possible the beauty of the world she pursues both in nature and in the living being. Her raw material, her tool, is Fanny herself, a singularity tending towards the universal.
After studying fine arts for three years in Bordeaux, she spent ten years shaping her universe which she now seeks to convey through writing—her main medium—art therapy, theatre, exhibitions, and her presence on the internet.

For the performance "Because the rose is without why" she accompanies Jany Pons Ballester and Elsa Moulineau with her texts in poetic prose on subjects such as love, the other, and inspiration.