Anne-Claire Cauhapé,
contemporary dance, choreography and research
in contemporary art

Based on her training in France and abroad (Spain, Belgium, United States), Anne-Claire Cauhapé pursued a reflection on the notions of impulse and artistic "appetite":
What moves us? What touches us?
This issue also has its opposite: How desire can dry up? How can inertia grip us from within?

Anne-Claire's practice investigates these questions through movement. She approaches choreographic creation first and foremost as a process of acceptance and renewal via both the integration of others bodily practices (performance, Butoh, Feldenkrais) and of other artistic forms (visual arts, music, theater).

As a Professor of Aesthetics and Art theory, she balances her creative projects with education in schools including the Universities of Pau, Grenoble, and Lille 3. Her research on interdisciplinarity and the gesture of creation also led her to spend four years conducting research and creative projects at the Quebec University in Montreal, Canada.