Nancy Boissel–Cormier, dance and research

Nancy Boissel–Cormier began ballet at the age of five with Nicole Sohm Perrango in Vernon (1982–1992). Then she trained in Académie Chaptal in Paris (1992–1999), with Wayne Byars (1995–2003), and at the school Rick Odums where she tooks classes in professorship and in stage performances (1996–1999).
She discovered and praticed: contemporary dance at the school Peter Goss and at La Ménagerie de Verre in Paris (1999-2002); modern dance (Graham and Horton techniques) at the school Rick Odums (1996-1999); and jazz dance at the school Rick Odums and with Géraldine Armstrong (1996–1999).

She began Indian dance Bharata–Natyam with Kalpana in France, and received in India the transmission from the Master Kalaimamani Kuttalam M. Selvam. In 2003 and 2008 she was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and from ICCR in India. Since her arangetram in 2005, she toured in France and in India every year.

She learnt abhinaya subtilities with the dancer and choreographer Sangeeta Isvaran. With her she created the performance "Mayakkam Oxymore", which toured in India ("Bonjour India" Festival) and won the second price of creation at the international competition "Bains numériques #4" in Enghien les Bains.
Then in 2011 she created with Anne Bressanges and Estelle Guihard, at the Alliance Française of Madras, "The Seed Giver", from the story "l'Homme Semence" written by Violette Aillault and published by "Parole editor".

En 2017 she defended her PhD–thesis de doctorat on Aesthetics sciences and arts technologies, speciality theater and dance, intituled "The new stages of Bharata–Natyam" and conducted in co–direction with Katia Legeret in France and Vijaya Rao in India (J.N.U.).
Furthermore she is Research Associate of University ParisĀ 8 (laboratory EA 1573), of University of Franche–Comté and of French Institute of Pondicherry (laboratory ELLIADE), and teacher at Université of Franche–Comté.

Lastly, she teachs yoga since 2008 in France and in India, and she created the association Anandi in France in 2010.

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Photo © Yannick Cormier