Plume Gory, visual artist

With a background in entertainment and social inclusion, Plume Gory has always enjoyed "tinkering", and began developing a desire to use her hands to express the inspiration the world gave her.

After much experimenting and exploring with different materials (leather, stone, etc.), she now works on structures made from a wood and iron framework, with fabric as her main material, which she then shapes and glues around it. She mainly uses recycled materials and obtains her colours from the dyed fabrics and pigments that she mixes. The stiffened fabric allows her to create pleats and transparency effects and offers her endless possibilities.

Her imaginary compositions and sculptures are a representation of the different stages in the thoughts, contemplation, and emotional states of human beings.

With their androgynous forms, they transport us into an inner world, making us let go of reality and appeasing us for a timeless moment in a world without violence or fear, far from our everyday life and environment.