Virginie Royer, contemporary and oriental dance

Born in 1987, Virginie Royer tamed dance with classical dance for over 10 years.

After several years of professional and personal breaks, she finally returned to her first love in 2014, joining the Corps Ephémères Association. There, building on a basis of oriental dance, she learned a means of bodily expression blending improvisation, creativity and strong link to the self.

In 2015, thanks to the Association's founder, she met the lyrical singer Jany Pons Ballester, beginning a fruitful collaboration both administrative — Virginie became president of the Keruzha Company in 2016 — and creative — she participated in the re–creation of the performance "Poets and Beguines, Women in Response".

A jack–of–all–trades, she currently balances dance, yoga and her work as a doula.