Isabelle Avid, contemporary dance and choreography

After performing with independent companies (Ballets Jazz Art, Red Notes/ Andy Degroat Company, Anne Dreyfus Company, Antonio Gomez Company, ... ), and numerous one–off collaborations (with Philippe Découflé, Peter Goss, Christophe Haleb ... ), Isabelle Avid moved to the department of Lot–et–Garonne in 2000.

Here she worked with the department in various amateur dance communities. With the Ministry of Culture, she coordinated two revivals for Danse répertoire amateur, one with the Christine Bastin Company and the other with the Serge Ricci Company. During this time, she also collaborated with primary and secondary school teachers on artistic curricula to be implemented by the muinicipalities, the National Education Ministry, and the Department of Lot–et–Garonne.

She also joined the Christine Grimaldi Company and the Hors Champ Company for one–time performances.

At the end of 2010, she founded her own company, le Corps Sage, and in 2012 created her first solo performance, "Cibarius Signatus," hosted by the Regard du Cygne within the CDC Paris Network and supported by theaters from the department of Lot–et–Garonne, the Departmental Council, and the DRAC of Aquitaine.

In 2013, she worked with the Candélie Hospital Center in Agen on "Culture Comes to the Hospital," a project for the whole hospital community that involved performances, creative processes, artistic residencies, cafes, dance-film ...
In the same year, the company joined two collectives, the Theater of Wasteland and the ATSARA association, for a children's performance of "The Simple Things in Life" that combined object theater, contemporary dance, musique concrète, and projected images.

In 2014, she created an intimate performance with a juggler for the Aux Arts Citoyens Festival, commissioned by the Georges Leygues Theater in Villeneuve sur Lot. This performance was connected with a participatory ball for the audience.

In 2016, the company debuted "Huit envolé", another performance two choreographers, co–produced by the National Choreographic Center of Aquitaine and the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, and supported by the Departmental Council of Lot–et–Garonne.

Finally, the company is in the process of creating "Mur / Mur," a piece for a juggler and a dancer/ unidentified poetic object, to debut in 2018. This performance is supported by the Departmental Council of Lot–et–Garonne, and the theaters of Villeneuve sur Lot and Mézin.

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