A story of travels, by travellers.
    Those who weave in and out cultures, those too who link, living in the left gaps, ... Those following their thread.

  • Ugarit— Mesopotamia, hymn to the goddess Nikkal, ca 1400 BC
  • Shubhô Lhaw Qolo— Syria, St Ephrem, 4th century (Syriac)
  • Yalla tnam Reema— Lebanon, traditional song (Arabic)
  • La hermosa durmiente— Rhodes, sephardic song (Ladino)
  • Morenika— Turkey (Izmir), sephardic song (Ladino)
  • Gospodi pomilouy— Bulgaria, liturgical chant, 14th century (Slavonic)
  • La guirnalda de rosas— Greece, sephardic song (Ladino)
  • Sila kale bal— Serbia, roma traditional song (Rromani)
  • Ak chakragh a sidi rabi — muslim sufi song of Kabylie (Amazigh)
  • 'Maghrar adada yits— Morocco (Agadir), traditional song (Amazigh)
  • Ay kalelumbror— sephardic song (Ladino)
  • Vuelta del hijo maldecido— Spain, sephardic song (Ladino)
  • La rosa enflorece— sephardic song (Ladino)
  • La filadora— Catalonia, traditional song (Catalan)
  • Djelem djelem— Balkans, roma traditional song (Rromani)