On the run of water, on the run of time over water,
    twelve tables from Périgords to Dordogne and from Dordogne to Périgord.

    Sceneries, on the run of water...
  • Los vestidos de los novios— Orient, sephardic song (Ladino)

  • Roots, from Petrocorians to the first feudatories
  • Vidi acquam— young roman girls choir/ transcript of sangallian liturgic chant (Latin)
  • Beatus vir— chant liturgique mozarabe (latin)

  • Legends and genius loci, little cosmogony of Périgord
  • A chantar m'er de so qu'eu non volria— Occitania, Beatriz de Dia, 12th century (Occitan)
  • Lo ferm voler— Arnaud Daniel, 12th century (Occitan)

  • Eleanor, Queen of Aquitaine, and her body and lands of love as of wars
  • Rassa tan creis— Bertran de Born, 12th century (Occitan)
  • Altoes mach men van minnen singhen— Hadewijch of Antwerp, 12th century (Brabant)

  • One hundred years, the horsemen of the Apocalypse, the legacy of troubadours, the music composition
  • Reis glorious— Giraut de Bornelh, 12th century (Occitan)
  • Douce dame jolie— Guillaume de Machaut, 14th century (Old French)

  • The friends, because it was him, because it was me
  • Aval a la ribeira— anonymous, traditional song from Low Quercy (Occitan)
  • Greensleeves— anonymous, 16th century (Middle English)

  • Revolted peasants! Forest of Périgord, wild and rugged, ours ancestors' mother...
  • Tu as tout seul Jan Jan— Clément Marot/ Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, 16th-17h centuries (French/ Dutch)
  • Cold Geniux— Henry Purcell, "King Arthur", 17th century (English)

  • River and Enlightenment, height of Dordogne, fallbacks of Périgords, revolutions
  • Quel chiaro rio— Christoph Willibald Gluck, "La Corona", 18th century (Italian)
  • Sur une mer— Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, "Le sommeil d'Ulysse", 18th century (French)
  • Lacrimosa— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Requiem", 18th century (Latin)

  • Rail and modernities, mutations, literary radiance, romanticism
  • Je crois entendre encore— Georges Bizet, "Les pêcheurs de perles", 19th century (French)

  • Story before history, or the fortuitous rediscovery of Prehistory
  • Ugarit— hymn to Nikkal/ chant of sumerian rite, ca. -1400, (Hurrian)

  • Périgord land of welcome, on the shores of Espérance
  • Chanson créole— Offenbach, "La Créole", 19th century (French)

  • The lesson of Ribérac or the cradle of song
  • Los vestidos de los novios— Orient, sephardic song (Ladino)